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PostSubject: chigusa    chigusa  EmptySun Feb 09, 2020 10:57 am

Chigusa marks my second BR art piece.
When working on this my view changed slightly, when I came up with the concept of creating paintings from the film,i wanted to create them as realistic as possible, as photorealistic as possible.
But after I started working on noriko and nanahara I realized that the reference photos didn’t contain enough detail to pull that off, and not being an artist that likes to make stuff up and add to images, I prefer capturing the essence of an object as it was in that time and place.

I realized I would have to make do with what I had, and except what ever came from it
But when finishing of chigusa my view changed, after adding the second layer to the clothes and collar, I decided to leave it like that, instead of smoothing things out and then adding more layers trying to convey texture, I liked how it looked with the more loose blotchy paint look.

Stopping myself from obsessing over derail and realism has been something that ive been working on for awhile, that’s one reason I added digital painting to my toolkit, it’s a lot easier being more expressive digitally, and a lot easier to redo a mistake.

Im happy with how it turned out, and going forward i’ll keep in mind that keeping some things loose can look nice to.

ps. Ive noticed that all my digital work looks different on different screens, I have 3 screens and all my work looks different on them because of the different settings, especially Brightness, if this or any other image looks really dark then you need change your settings to see clearly. bounce

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